Website Resources

SchoolMessenger is the company that hosts our website.  Below are resources and training materials to assist you in navigating the Presence product that we use to update our pages.  

If you need technical assistance, click on the help icon located in the toolbar when you are logged in. There is a live chat available at the bottom of the screen, and how to guides. You may also call technical support at 1.800.920.3897.

If you have technical issues with staff directory inaccuracies, please submit a TSR.

If you need guidance or have questions about the content of your website, please contact the Communications & Community Relations department.

Resource Guides

PDFs are available online at the SchoolMessenger Presence Guides.  The guides are available to download and print, if necessary.

Online Tutorials

SchoolMessenger has a library of training videos.  Visit the Presence Training Videos to find the training your need.

SchoolMessenger provides webinars that you can sign up for.  These are offered to all customers and any employee may sign up.  Here is the link:  
SchoolMessenger Training site