TPEP (Teacher Principal Evaluation Project)

Welcome to the North Kitsap TPEP page.
Our North Kitsap evaluation system was collaboratively designed by a team of teachers and administrators in our district to meet state requirements and fit our special needs and beliefs. We continue to learn together, monitor and adjust the system. We believe that the rich conversations that occur around the Marzano Instructional Framework because of TPEP are improving instruction and benefiting students in North Kitsap!
Evaluation Documents: 
To avoid confusion, all teacher evaluation documents are housed on the HR website.

Framework Documents: 
The documents and links below are for teachers, coaches and admin to use for professional growth in the Marzano Framework.
Marzano Research Laboratories: Create an account for free login. A wealth of free resources are available!
OSPI's TPEP Website

TPEP questions can be directed to:
Tim Garrison, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Elementary Schools
TPEP Coordinator and Marzano Instructional Criteria Framework Feedback Specialist
Theresa Countryman, Teacher at Poulsbo Middle School
Marzano Instructional Criteria Framework Feedback Specialist

Human Resources Staff