Supporting Your Third Grader
Find out more about how you can help your child come to school ready to learn below!

SLEEP: Starting to get quality sleep each night could help your child make up to two years of growth!!!  Find out more about how much sleep your child needs, when they should go to bed, and why you want to send a well rested child to school every day.

HOMEWORK HELP: A little bit of practice (less than half an hour a night) at home can make a big difference in your child's progress.  If your child is behind, additional work can help them catch up faster.

EMOTIONS:  Find out a little more about typical social-emotional changes that occur in third grade.  Your child's mood affects their readiness to learn.

PROBLEM SOLVING: Learn some strategies to help your third grader solve typical school and friend problems.

MINDFULNESS AND RELAXATION: Test out strategies to help improve your child's focus at school and home.

NUTRITION: Providing healthy food for your child helps their brain and body grow.

As a parent, "you are your child's first teacher."  Let's work together to help your child "aim for the stars."