Whatever time, support and energy we can offer to our kiddos, teachers and staff at Richard Gordon – the positive effects will come back in spades!

 When, where and how to get involved in PTA? It is up to each of us to figure this out.  Whether you are someone who is able to help in the classroom, or with daytime activities at the school- or if you are someone who prefers to help at the  occasional PTA sponsored evening event and activity. Or if its easiest for you to help with  the fundraising for the school by working on it or contributing to it.

 All help is greatly appreciated.  Our collective support is integral to a joyful and successful experience at Richard Gordon Elementary School.

* Support the children *  * Support our teachers and staff *

 * Share a skill or talent *

 * No skill or talent? Then share enthusiasm  and patience! *

 * Fill a gap * * Have a positive impact *

* Give time instead of money * Get in the know *

 *Grow camaraderie *  * Grow community * * Make a difference *

The fine print

To volunteer for school and/or school/PTA related activities, please ensure that you have completed the volunteer packet (available at the front office of the school) and submitted it also to the front office. It is a bit of a hassle, to be honest- but let's face it- let's keep our kids safe!

Once that's done-

We use Signup Genius as our volunteer support/organization tool. Note that there are several tabs for ongoing volunteer opportunities, as well as tabs that date out once the activity is over. If using the link on your phone- roll the bar at the top where is says SignUps before hitting Go.” If on a desktop, scroll to the right side of the bar for more

https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0c4eada929a6f58- volunteering

f you're looking for a specific activity to help with- find its title within the tabs. If you've got extra time, peruse- and find something that suits your time and interest. If you cant commit ahead of time, feel free to email last minute- or just show up! You cant imagine how much easier it is with more of us!


Thank you (in advance) for your support of our children, teachers and staff at Richard Gordon.