Resources and Standards by Unit:

Unit 1 and 2: Multiplication and Division

Unit 3: Measurement and Data
  • Part 1: Liquid volume and mass
  • Part 2: Time to the nearest minute and elapsed time
  • Part 3: Line plots, pictographs, and bar graphs

Unit 4: Place Value (rounding, estimating, adding, subtracting)

Unit 5: Two-step word problems

Unit 6: Geometry and Area/Perimeter

Unit 7: Fractions

General Resources and Links:

3rd Grade Math Standards
These are the state requirements for what math concepts are taught in third grade.

3rd Grade SBA Math Testing

Third graders will be tested in math in the spring.  Math testing typically takes two days on computers.

Khan Academy
Videos and practice for third grade standards.  Good free resource for supporting students with content you don't understand.

Games and activities to practice the skills that we are learning in class.

More games to practice math skills.  Your child will receive a log-in for this site when they complete Reflex math.

Reflex Math
See your student's home folder for log-in information.  This site practices math facts at your child's pace.  This counts as homework!

A fun game-based site to practice math skills.  Log-in information is in home folders.

Website with our math curriculum.  See your student test scores, along with other information and activities in the library.