Lyons, Jamye - Kindergarten


My program is largely language-based,
With playing and learning firmly in place.

Eachfriend progresses at his or her pace,
When the children read in Kindergarten.

Art SuppliesIn Math we do patterns, computation, plus,
In a hands-on approach, with little fuss.
With skills to help thefriends and us,
As they learn the basics in Kindergarten.

In Social Studies we study families and friends.
We serve our community from beginning to end.
We even learn about the money we spend,

As the children progress in Kindergarten.

In Science we sort and we classify too, Math
With many fun activities for you.
We findmarine scienceis funto do,

As the year goes along in Kindergarten.

The additional programs thatwe use.
Are certain to never, ever confuse,
Children learn how to win and how to lose,

As they grow and mature in Kindergarten.

ReadingAs families, the main thing that you can do
Is support your children and help them through.
Read with them every day and you'll see that it's true,
They will grow so much in Kindergarten


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