Meet the Team
Welcome to the Gordon Library where the perfect book is waiting just for you! 

Contact Us
Mrs. Taylor, Teacher Librarian (; 360 396-3813)
Ms. Penny Beaulieu, Library Secretary (; 360 396-3814)
Library Hours 
12:00-3:00 PM Wed
12:00-3:50 PM all other days
Teachers may send up to four students at a time to the library. Be sure students arrive with a pass. Students may use the time for academic purposes only (checking out a book, reading a book, classwork, or research).

Checkout for Students

Kindergarten and First Grade
Check out one book at a time.
Second Grade and Up
Check out two books at a time.
Items can be borrowed for students from other district libraries through inter-library loan.
Checkout for Parents
Check out up to ten items at a time.
  • Parenting and curriculum materials
  • Videos
  • Books and magazines from our children’s collection
  • Inter-library loan items from other schools in the district

Computer Use in the Library

Students are encouraged to use school computers in the library for educational purposes. As a condition of students' right to use North Kitsap School District Internet service, students understand and agree with the following:

I will use computing resources responsibly 
  • I will use the internet and other computer resources for academic activities only.
  • I will only play educational games authorized by my teacher, instructor, or librarian.
  • I will use guidelines for printing set by my librarian.
  • I will not transmit or deliberately access obscene, indecent, harassing, defamatory, or otherwise defamatory material in any form.

I will use computing resources safely

  • I will not give out my name, picture, address, email, or any other personally identifying information online.
  • I will only access blogs, chat rooms, bulletin boards, or post to an internet site with explicit teacher or librarian permission.

I will use computing resources respectfully

  • I will not damage computer equipment or alter computer settings
  • I will not alter other students' files
  • I will not deliberately attempt to harm or destroy data on any system on the network or internet. 

We are here to help you find what you need and to provide a great space 
where you love to visit.  

Our mission is to ensure that all users, students, staff, and families, are effective and empowered users and producers of information & ideas and to inspire a life-long love of reading and learning. Wow!