Fundraisers and Fundraising

Fundraising and Fundraisers

Why is fundraising so important??

 At Richard Gordon, we fundraise throughout the school year with a variety of activities meant to appeal to most.  Some of the fundraisers are relatively simple, such as selling Flower Bulbs, or more student oriented, such as collecting Boxtops, or the Read-a-thon. Others may be more work and adult focused, such as the Auction. Whatever they are, the fundraisers all matter greatly. Whatever funds are raised during this school year sets the budget for the next school year.  So with this, we are perpetually working forward to ensure budget needs are met!

 Did you know?

The PTA (you and I) sponsor MANY of  programs and activities at Richard Gordon. This includes Passport Club, STEAM nights (science, technology, engineering and math), School Assemblies, Field Day, Online math and reading programs, Family Fun Nights, Family Movie Nights, Fall Carnival, Project Linus, and Fifth Grade Graduation, to name a few (!). We work hard with the fundraising to ensure that these activities may continue. The support of our fundraising efforts is integral for our children at Richard Gordon Elementary School.

To be sensitive- if funds are tight- as we can all appreciate- volunteer your time as you are able, in lieu of the money. Your time and energy are also an invaluable resource at Richard Gordon Elementary School.

Amazon Smile

Support Richard Gordon Jr PTA – at no extra cost to you- by using Amazon Smile when shopping on Amazon. When you shop at AmazonSmile,   Richard Gordon Jr PTA earns- Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases.

Get signed up to use the Amazon Smile link- every time- with your Amazon shopping to support the Richard Gordon Jr PTA.



 Sept 2019

 Fundraising with something we all enjoy having or giving. Chair- Sara Jeffers

oxTops (see the separate tab for Box Top information)

Year round fundraising!

Use your app for easy earnings and watch it add up fast at the school! Chair- Melia Hunt



February 10-March 2, 2020

Information to be distributed both in class and online.

Co-Chairs- Megan Boxman and Lourdes Martin


Annual Auction and Fundraiser

May 1, 2020     6pm-10pm      Village Green Banquet Rooms, Kingston

Please let us know if you have anything items or services- that you would like to donate. The support is much appreciated.

Chair- Jodie Prescott

1st Annual Run-and-Fun-a-thon

June 4, 2020

1pm-3:30pm RG school field.

Lets have some fun while we collectively hop, walk, jog and/or run laps around the field.      Family friendly event.

Co-Chairs- Jodie Prescott

Megan Boxman