Smith, Nathaniel - 6th/7th/8th

Hello My Name Is...

<Nathaniel (Nat) Smith>

I’m Nat Smith, the primary Middle School Options teacher. Around here, my kids call me Nat; Mr. Smith makes me feel old. I started in NKSD at the end of the last century when I was hired to help start the Jr. High/ Middle School portion of the Options Multiage Program. I’ve taught other grades in our program, but feel the most at home with the tweens and teens.


Kitsap County was home for me for most of my childhood. I graduated from South Kitsap High School and then went to Bowdoin College in Maine for my undergraduate work in Government and Legal Studies and Russian. After college, I started teaching in inner city LA in 1990. Working for 6 years with racially and culturally diverse families in an economically disadvantaged neighborhood gave me a different perspective on growing up in the US. It also taught me that though circumstances can be radically different, kids are the same everywhere. They need safe space, interesting challenges, and a few important people to believe in them. While in LA, I completed a graduate certificate program in teaching and began a Masters Degree in Technology in Education.


After a couple wonderful years teaching 7th grade English and PE in Redwood City, CA, my wife and I moved to Kitsap and settled down. We now have a small farm, a few critters, and 3 kids- all of whom have been in Options as well as other North Kitsap public schools. 

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