Welcome, young maker!
ou are in the 3-D Printing World!

1. watch this video
2. go to TinkerCad
3. click Join Now
4. create an account - follow the prompts (instructions)
You will need your parent's email address, then use the code below:
5. the code is D1U9NSO3
6. start tinkering!

Good Options for “Free” Library Time 

For the websites below, decide which ones you can trust, and why or why not. Give three reasons:
Who is Columbus
Pacific Tree Octopus
Asian Mountain Dog
    5. Help a friend  6. Interland - Digital Citizen by Google 7. Posters: -research to art -"My Favorite Book" -Inspiring Heroes Mural
    7. Read a book  8. Typing Club 
  • 9. Watch a book: 


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Website Evaluation

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