Recess Expectations

Gordon Elementary STAR Recess Rules



 1.  Keep all parts of your body to yourself.

 2.  Climb on playground equipment that is designated for climbing and remain on the inside of climbing structures.

 3 Chasing each other is only allowed as part of an organized game (finger touch only).

 4 Only throw balls on the playground and only kick the balls on the upper field.


 5.  Treat each other with kindness and respect, share equipment, take turns, and include others.

 6.  Clean up equipment when the bell rings and line up in an orderly manner.


 7.  Show respect for adults on the playground and follow adult directions.

 8.  Use safe, kind and caring words with everyone.


 9.  Stay within the playground boundaries and get a pass from a playground supervisor before entering the building.

 10. One person in the restroom at a time.  Knock before entering.

11. Do not bring any food, drinks, library books, electronic devices, phones, or umbrellas onto the playground.

 12. Follow all game and playground equipment rules.