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Counseling Center

The Counseling Center at Richard Gordon Elementary is a beacon of support, guidance, and personal development for students, skillfully led by School Counselor, Jennifer Seemueller. Mrs. Seemueller plays a pivotal role in the overall educational experience of the students, offering a compassionate ear, insightful advice, and crucial strategies to help students navigate academic and personal challenges. Recognizing that a healthy mental and emotional state is as crucial to a child's growth as academic success, the Counseling Center stands as a safe haven for students, catering to their diverse needs and fostering a supportive environment.

Mrs. Seemueller's approach to school counseling is both inclusive and proactive. She offers individual counseling sessions addressing a range of issues such as academic stress, self-esteem, social skills, family changes, and grief. Additionally, she organizes group sessions that tackle various topics of shared interest or concern, creating a community feel where students understand they are not alone in their experiences. As part of her commitment to the broader wellbeing of students, Mrs. Seemueller also develops and implements comprehensive school counseling programs focused on career and academic development, personal and social development, and health and wellness.

The counseling center also provides support to teachers and parents, offering resources, consultation, and collaboration to address student needs. This cohesive approach, ensuring all key players in a child's life are engaged and informed, is a testament to Mrs. Seemueller's understanding of the holistic nature of education. The Richard Gordon Elementary Counseling Center, under the dedicated and capable leadership of Mrs. Seemueller, continues to be a cornerstone of the school's commitment to the overall growth, health, and happiness of its students.

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